In The Bruce-Diving Tobermory, On.


Ontario’s dive capital–  Tobermory, ON. is about a 4 hour drive north of the big city. A place where I have been scuba diving, camping, and hiking for over a decade, Tobermory feels like a second home to me.


The Niagara II-

Sitting at about 100ft, The Niagara II tanker is a great dive for advanced divers. It was intentionally sunk in 1999 for the sole purpose of becoming a recreational dive site. Unlike some of the other deeper wrecks, the Niagara II is situated in an area that isn’t interfered by strong currents, it isn’t too cold, with excellent visibility. This site is Accessible via charter arranged by the local dive shop. There are a couple around town, but our group typically schedules through G+S Watersports. (Dog Friendly Charter :D)

The Caves

The caves are in the same proximity– as they usually follow the Niagara II for a second dive of the day. This is a natural cavern opening through the limestone rock face. It is a great site for divers of all levels as the depth ranges between 15-40ft. The caves are accessed by charter for divers, or by a short hike to The Grotto via Cyprus Lake Rd. The Grotto access is a real hot spot and makes for interesting interactions between divers, swimmers, and snorkelers alike.

Alice G/The Tugs-

The Alice G schooner and the tugs are a perfect shore dive day or night. There is a great wooden platform situated along the little tub harbor just in town that sits directly across the ferry dock for the MS Chi-Cheemaun— a ferry runs to Manitoulin Island and such. Excellent for all ranges of experiences for divers, swimmers, and snorkelers as the wrecks sit at about 15-40ft deep with excellent visibility. If getting into the water isn’t your thing, the platform serves as an excellent viewpoint for sunbathing, sunrise/sunset, and stargazing (Tobermory is also a dark-sky preserve)

The Sweepstakes-

Sitting at a maximum depth of 20ftThe Sweepstakes is one of the best preserved wrecks in Tobermory, simply because of its sheltered location in the Big Tub Harbour as well as the efforts made by the National Parks of Canada to maintain its condition. This wreck is in warm and shallow water that is accessible by charter, glass-bottom boat tours, Kayak, etc… The site is great for divers of all levels, snorkelers, and swimmers jumping off chartered boats :D.

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is also located in the Big Tub Harbour, which features– a lighthouse, of course– but also two beautiful rocky shoreline entrances into the water. The water is waist deep with a sudden cliff drop to about 40ft in depth. With the visibility always being pristine and crystal clear, the beautiful rock wall formation caters a stunning view from both above and below the water. The lighthouse is a great spot for scuba divers, day or night– swimmers, sunbathing, kayaking, sunrise/sunset viewpoints, and of course, stargazing.

What activity moves you?



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